Homemade Real Truffle Butter Tagliolini

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  1. Bring the water to the boiling point and add sea salt
  2. Add the Truffle Butter in a hot pan with two ladles of boiling water
  3. Cook the Tagliolini for about a minute (make sure to break down the nest)
  4. Transfer the Tagliolini in the pan, mix it with the butter and let it simmer for about two minutes and half
  1. Sprinkle the parmesan cheese, mix through
  2. And there you go! You are ready to plate it up
buon appetito!
Chef Edoardo Valeriani,



(Allergens in BOLD & CAPITALISED)

Pasta: EGGS, Durum WHEAT & WHEAT flour.

Truffle butter:  butter (MILK), salt, truffle.

Cheese: Parmesan (MILK).

Note: Store at 5C or below. Consume or freeze on the day of delivery.